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Concealed Carry Classes Cleveland and Akron


Concealed Carry Classes Akron and Cleveland

Concealed Carry Class - CCW - Workman Firearms

The Ohio Concealed Carry Class (CCW) teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely. This is a one day course consisting of 6 - hours of classroom and 2 - hours range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; two handed and one handed shooting positions; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development.

Concealed Carry Classes Akron (Marksman Range In Norton).

Concealed Carry Classes Cleveland (Stonewall Range In Broadview Heights).

Advanced Pistol Operator - Workman Firearms

The Pistol Fundamentals course is designed for students who want to advance their firearms training past a basic concealed carry course. It will give the student a solid base of weapons manipulation and employment of their weapon system.

The Pistol Operator course will continue to build upon and reinforce skills learned in our Pistol Fundamentals Course. It will focus on multiple target drills, shooting on the move, and continued reinforcement of fundamentals.

Location: A & A Shooting Garrettsville, Ohio.

Advanced Carbine Operator - Workman Firearms

The Carbine Fundamentals Course is designed to allow students to gain an insight into the basic operation, manipulation and employment of their weapon system.

The Carbine Operator Course will continue to build upon and reinforce skills learned in our Carbine Fundamentals Course. It will focus on multiple target drills, shooting on the move, drawing your secondary weapon system and continued reinforcement of fundamentals.

Location: A & A Shooting Garrettsville, Ohio.

Trauma Aid Medical - Workman Firearms

The Trauma Aid Medical Course is a one-day program that teaches students the fundamentals of emergency medical care with specific emphasis on the types of injuries that may be encountered while on the range, hunting, riding ATV’s or other adventure activities where emergency medical service may be delayed.

The course is designed to provide students who have no prior medical knowledge or training with the skills needed to identify and treat potentially life-threatening injuries in an austere environment until the arrival of paramedics

Location: Marksman Range Norton, Ohio.

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Pistol, Carbine Rifle, and Trauma Aid Medical

Basic and Advanced Pistol and Carbine Rifle Classes. Trauma Aid Medical Course.

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My husband, son and I all took the concealed carry course. My guys are experienced hunters and I am a major newbie. Needless to say we ALL learned a ton. Going into the class I was expecting the 8 hours to ddddrrrrraaaaaggggg. I was actually there closer to 9 because they took their time to teach me and not make me feel like a newbie. The hours just flew by. They gave so many pointers and hints. I highly, highly, highly recommend this class. We will be signing up for more classes in the near future. All the guys were very knowledgeable and funny, which put us all at ease. I actually shot better than my husband and son.......that was the best part.

- Mrs M

This was a great class! Very well taught! These guys were super patient and the one on one at the range was very benificial for me. Not to mention their low cost. I will tell everyone I know that wants a CCW to check these guys out. They offer other classes as well. I will be attending more of there classes. Thanks Workman Firearms Staff

- Pamela Wollet

If you want to take a CCW class that makes the education piece fun, this is the one. You learn better engaged and Glen keeps you engaged. As for the shooting part, you have to wait to get into the range so bring a book if you're an impatient person... But it's worth the wait. I was able to get one on one with one of his staff. For someone that's never shot pistols, he had me dialed in pretty good. Very detailed and very patient, made me feel comfortable with the gun. $75... The class should be easily double the price for what you're getting. A bunch of jarheads loving what they do... And it shows. Why not get trained by the best?! Can't wait to take some of their other classes.

- Jeff and Mel

Had a great time today taking my CCW course in Norton . The instructor made the time fly by but were highly informative. They not only do a great time in the classroom but their form of teaching in the range was a eye opening for me on ways to improve my shooting and preparation for if I have to use my gun on someone Thank u Workman Firearms

- Christina Walton

I highly recommend Workman's CCW course for everyone. After hearing other peoples horror stories of their classes, I feel very fortunate to have participated in this one.This was an outstanding class with real world information! Experienced or inexperienced in firearms, everyone walked out of the course with valuable information and hands on experience. The one-on-one range time was invaluable.

- LoriMae Reynolds

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