Workman Firearms LLC was founded in 2009 by the need to elevate the quality and professionalism of firearms training in Northeast Ohio. At the time there were numerous CCW and Firearms Instructors in the area, but not many quality Firearms Instructors. Other than a select few most instructors were just cycling students through classes and charging them for substandard or in some cases non-existent training. So we set out to change all of that.

Our training goal is to provide realistic, proven and professional weapons training. So that an individual can protect themselves and their loved ones. Our hope is to give them the training so that if something bad happens they have the ability to "do the right thing". All of our training methods and tactics are based on real-world experience. If it does not work, is not based on a solid practical foundation, or is not proven we will not teach it. Our training is not based on theory. It's based on real-world-proven tactics. These are not only tactics learned in the classroom but proven in real life around the world.

Workman Firearms LLC is owned and operated by Glen Workman (USMC). Sgt Workman has over 25 years of Military, Private Security, and Executive Protection experience. Sgt Workman has been instructing both military (The United States Marine Corp 1st Marine Division Weapons Instructor) civilians and Law Enforcement (Workman Firearms LLC). Sgt Workman and all of the Instructors at Workman Firearms continue to attend numerous training classes every year. Following the philosophy of student first.

All of our Instructors are selected based on their real-world experience. A theory is great until real rounds start flying!

Workman Firearms LLC is located in North Royalton, Ohio. We utilize several training locations throughout Northeast Ohio. If you are interested in hosting a class at your range or shooting club contact us at or call us at (330) 703-5131.

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