Amonte Littlejohn

Amonte LittleJohn

Combatives Instructor

A student of the explosive art of Chinese-Indonesian Kuntao-Silat for over 20 years, Amonte Littlejohn studied his art faithfully and began teaching people who wanted to learn. A hybrid martial art built on modern, combatively-comprehensive sensibilities, his dedicated study would lead him overseas to not only demonstrate his art for the Thai Royal Marines but learn the traditional martial systems of Thailand as well. Upon his return, he resumed teaching his students but came to the realization that his art demanded a student train dedicatedly to unlock its full potential. A college professor, he also knew that the average person would not be able to devote that kind of time to simply learn to protect themselves. For something as basic as the right to feel safe, he would streamline his style and find the most immediate and accessible tools of Kuntao and offer them to the public through a combatives course, an approach designed to teach the average person the basics of protecting themselves. Together with Workman Firearms, he hopes to empower willing students with the knowledge to adapt themselves to be viable in multiple types of violent engagement.


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