Time is a Necessary Evil of Detail

Few things in life are more humbling than arriving at MCRD Parris Island for the first time. The exact, and abrupt moment the bus comes to a complete stop, an onslaught of hysteria ensues with what seems to be, at least at the time, a near crazed group of Drill Instructors. In near sequence, as …

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Ron Dodge - Workman Firearms LLC

My Personal Training Regimen

As a Police Officer, Swat guy and a firearms instructor I am often asked about my personal training regimen. When newer shooters hear my response, they are surprised it’s not more “high speed”. The truth is good shooting is always rooted in the application of the fundamentals of marksmanship, done properly, at speed. It really is …

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Do you open carry? If you do here is why you shouldn’t.

Do you open carry? If you do here is why you shouldn’t. Even though Ohio is an open carry state it’s probably better that you don’t. One issue is you draw a lot of attention to yourself. Depending on the area most people will be extremely nervous around you. This can and probably will lead …

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Us vs Them, Part 1

Theoretical Training vs. Real World Understanding   It’s the same tiring conversation, “Would you rather have the knowledge, or take the position?” This is what most ask themselves when stepping into a new arena. Shooting theorists are no different, however, they pick the later rather than putting in the blood, sweat, and yes tears, to …

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Picking the right gun.

Picking the right gun can be harder than you think. There are many different things to look at when deciding what to buy. First things first, if anyone ever tells you “this is the gun you want” tell them thanks and walk away. Although they might have the best intentions, no one but you can …

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