Constitutional Carry & CCW Law Review Course


Constitutional Carry &
CCW Law Review Course

Time: 12pm – 4pm

This course focuses on the ever-changing Ohio Firearm laws, along with various discussions regarding firearm ownership, the legal fundamentals of carrying, the differences between Ohio’s Constitutional Carry vs Concealed Handgun Licenses, Ohio’s Castle Law, use of force (Reasonable vs Lethal) requirements, and the aftermath of the physical encounter.
This course is a must-have for:
·        Those who choose to utilize Ohio’s Constitutional Carry.
·        Those who have been carrying for years.
·        Those ready to renew their CCW license.
·        Out-of-state (Reciprocity) CCW holders.
·        Veterans who were not required to take the initial CCW course to obtain a license.
·        Anyone who is interested in the legal reality of firearm carry and ownership.
Requirements: NONE! This is an informational class to arm our students with the proper knowledge of Ohio Law.

April 2, 2022 – CCW Law Refresher (Brunswick)

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