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Private Instruction - Workman Firearms LLC
Cleveland Concealed Carry
Cleveland Concealed Carry - Workman Firearms LLC

Private instruction is available on a one-on-one basis by appointment.

You may use your firearm or one of ours. Instruction is intended to help develop new beginner skills and improve on the skills you may already have. Sessions are normally 1 hour in length and concentrate on one skill at a time. 2-hour sessions are also available for more in-depth training and practice. 

Here are some of the topics covered; Trigger Control, Breathing Control, Malfunctions and Clearing, Proper Grip, Proper Stance and Strong/Weak Hand Shooting.

(Range time is NOT included in the one on one hourly rate).

Private Instruction is also available for small groups. Please contact us for more information and to reserve a date for your training.