VP Range Operations - Armorer - Firearms Instructor
  • Retired after 20 years, United States Marine Corps
  • Marksmanship Instructor, Marine Corps Security Force Atlantic
  • CQB Instructor, Special Operations Training Group (IIMEF)
  • Assault Breacher, SOTG
  • BSR Anti-Terrorist Evasive Driving and Surveillance Detection
  • Airborn School
  • Tactical Shooting Technology Instructor’s Course, Rifle and Pistol
  • USMC Range Safety Officer
  • Trained with New York City SWAT Team
  • USMC Small Arms Repairman
  • Colt Pistol and Rifle Armorers Course
  • Glock Armorers Course
  • Beretta Armorers Course
  • H&K Armorers Course
  • Workman Firearms Pistol Diagnostics

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