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Combatives Lv1
Combatives Lv2
Knife Defense Lv1
Knife Defense Lv2
Sexual Assault/ Rape Defense Lv1 (SAR 1)
Sexual Assault/ Rape Defense Lv2 (SAR 2)
Automobile CQC
Kid’s Self-Defense/ Bully-Proofing
Military CQC

Location: Range 42 Brunswick

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Combatives Lv1: an introductory 4-hour course introducing new students to the fundamentals of hand to hand fighting. Students will be introduced to the fundamental tools and concepts of close-quarter combative (CQC) training and then be shown how to implement those tools and concepts in various self-defense scenarios. (it should be noted that while no class is barred from any potential student, it is to an individual’s benefit to start with Combatives 1 as it is the basis for all methodology in the Combatives curriculum)


Combatives Lv2: capitalizing on the concepts and tools from Combatives 1, Combatives 2 introduces new tools for students to use to engage attackers at a longer range as well as at additional fields of encounter (flank and ground fighting). Students will then be taught how to combine the methods from level 1 with level 2 at will depending on the situation before them. 


Knife Defense Lv1: this course introduces students to the fundamentals of the knife attack. Techniques, concepts, and the hard realities of bladed encounters will be discussed and stressed to prepare students as best as possible for live engagement. 


Knife Defense Lv2: (tentative/ not sure knife needs 2 levels) the ground fighting component I think should be saved for the pressure test day.


Sexual Assault/ Rape Defense Lv1 (SAR 1): a class specifically tailored to and for women. Concepts will include dealing with mindset/intent conditioning as well as combative technique. Level 1 will deal with the attempted abduction/ snatch & grab utilizing close-quarters weapons of the body to afford an escape.


Sexual Assault/ Rape Defense Lv2 (SAR 2): the second level of the women’s course dealing with attempted rape. This will largely cover ground fighting concepts and methodology. Due to the intimate nature of the context, it is advisable for students to complete level 1 with the instructor so as to avoid any uncomfortableness between the students and/or the instructor. Students will learn CQC at the tensest of levels, learning to manipulate unconventional targets as well as space and leverage to escape. 


Automobile CQC: a specialized course designed to take the information in Combatives 1 & 2 and confine it to car-oriented self-defense. Two primary scenarios here will be the attempted date-rape and the armed car-jacking from both inside and outside of the car. Tools from Combatives 1 will be implemented in tandem with environmental and improvised weaponry to afford escape. 


Kid’s Self-Defense/ Bully-Proofing: for any child (ages to be determined) dealing with self-defense against a larger opponent. A blend of physical technique as well as psychological priming (self-respect, awareness, paying attention, responsibility, etc.)


Military CQC: Combatives tailored for the rigors of the battlefield. Foundational methodology with an emphasis on a rapid shutdown of the threat 


June 28th – Sexual Assault/Rape Defense, August 2nd – Sexual Assault/Rape Defense

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