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Ed’s Manifesto and Voodoo Doc present the Callidus Collective “Grid Down” Austere Medical and Clandestine Survival Class

July 24, & 25 2021

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Ed’s Manifesto and Voodoo Doc present the Callidus Collective “Grid Down” Austere Medical and Clandestine Survival Class

Terminal Learning Objective: Develop a functional understanding of basic medical procedures employed in an environment lacking first world resources, including disaster relief and urban natural emergency situations.
Enabling Learning Objectives:
Identify and prioritize medical needs in a grid down environment
Understand modern medical gear and their applications
Create an improvised first aid kit, before and after event
Triage and categorize treatment for mass casualty situations
Implement first aid techniques with improvised resources
Identify need and transition into long term care
Develop a working understanding of austere pharmacology
Create an improvised surgical theater
Understand and employ methods of sustaining survivability and homeostasis
Biological pandemic skills for survival and medical management
Form a complete and secure area of operation and fundamentals of movement of self team and patient
Procurement and asset retrieval of all level of supplies and use of everyday items for medical and survival situations
Clandestine medical management self buddy and team aid in a non permissive environment
Grid down use of off label drugs and herbs and medical pharmaceutical for multiple use to utilize in a grid down situation where you are the provider and there is no 911.

Class Description:
Developed specifically for medical professionals operating in a disaster relief situation, this class has since been modified and presented now for civilians. As early as Hurricane Katrina and most recently with the grid failure in Texas, the need for prepared citizens is clear and present. VooDoo doc has taken formal medical education and employed these skills for over three decades in theaters spanning the globe, allowing him to impart lessons founded in experience and backed by the most recent medical science. Foundational information will be given and much time will be allowed for students to ask questions specific to their reality, making each class unique to the student base. Simple basics such as improvised disinfectants and creating homeostasis all the way and up to long-term austere care and prolonged aid will be covered. Gear preparation and considerations will be covered in depth as well as improvised methods of procurement and treatment in field long-term care situations. Students will be given ample time to practice skills under instructor supervision, allowing each student to receive personalized instruction on their performance. The final day will culminate in a final event allowing students to pressure test their new skills under strictly controlled stress modifiers. After the final exercise students will have ample time to conduct after action with the instructor, ensuring any gaps in understanding found in pressure testing can be filled. These classes can be tailored to fit
student level if articulated ahead of time, as this class has been given to groups with zero medical experience all the way up to classes consisting entirely of licensed medical providers.  The class also goes into pandemic grid down specifics and complete biological disaster preparation and operation. Movement and security along with on site recovery of assets and equipment is provided by Ed from Eds Manifesto from experience in real life war torn scenarios.

Remember, all payments/deposits are non refundable.  Unless class is canceled.  $825.00 if you sign up now and pay in full. $850.00 if you choose to break the course fee up into two payments. $425.00 is the initial payment the other $425.00 will need to be paid by July 1, 2021. Our Workman Firearms Point of Contact for this course will be Jason Soca email: jasonsoca@workmanfirearms.com.

Ed Calderon

For over a decade Ed Calderon worked in the fields of counter-narcotics, organized crime investigation, and public safety in the northern border region of Mexico. During this period he also coordinated and worked executive protection details for high-level government officials and visiting dignitaries – often in some of the most dangerous parts of the country.

Ed Calderon’s study into the indigenous Méxican criminal culture, from occult practices to endemic modus operandi has lead to him being recognized as one of the world’s preeminent researchers and trainers in the field of personal security that has come out of Mexico. Ed has had the privilege of sharing his expertise with members of federal law enforcement agencies, Navy SEALS, Indonesian Kapaska, Mexican GAFE, Mexican and United States intelligence service agents, and members of special forces groups from all over the world. Currently, Ed travels North America doing security consulting and conducting seminars and private training courses in anti-abduction, escapology, unarmed combat, region-specific executive protection work, and unconventional edged weapons work. He is also a Chief Curriculum Advisor for Libre Fighting Systems and the Regional Director of Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico and a founding member of the Calidus Collective.


Voodoo Doc

– Voodoo Doc is a prior enlisted military combat infantry, then cross trained combat SOF medic /18D, that transitioned out of the military after resigning his eventual commission and going into a top tier global emergency response team (ERU/SWAT) as a unit member. He has held full time flight and dive medic/nurse  position as the team med one, with post graduate studies (MD) in combat and trauma medicine (specialized practice in fleet force medicine), also having a board certified trauma general surgical fellowship.

His various positions at local, state, and federal level have required he stayed on the forefront of mental and physical tactics and training; including combatives – blade work, small unit tactics, escape and evasion, firearms and long range target engagement, small arms instructor and clandestine interdiction.

He specializes in the often overlooked skill sets of mental training and stress preparedness along with medical management and use of that knowledge to improve both your offensive and defensive array of skills. He integrates his medical knowledge in the field of trauma and reverse engineers it to the firearms and combatives protocols currently being used. He is federal firearms instructor for individual and team tactics, and has contributed to federal and military sniper school instruction and curriculum. His knowledge of Austere medical practices and field surgical procedures is used in various programs in today’s combat theaters and training. 

He is currently still an active asset and works in teaching and field roles as well as lectures and course development.


"Grid Down" Austere Medical and Clandestine Survival Class (Full Payment $825), "Grid Down" Austere Medical and Clandestine Survival Class (Deposit Payment $425 x 2)

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