The Ever-Changing Landscape of Concealed/Constitutional Carry and Why it Should Matter in Ohio

There’s a REVOLUTION afoot, well… “of sorts.” That “REVOLUTION” has been gaining steam in the form of a tidal wave of CONCEALED/CONSTITUTIONAL CARRIERS thanks to a couple very specific reasons. The first was an 8-year run of the more liberal sort. Now, Obama’s out, and Trump is in, and no matter if you love or hate either of them, they have each shaped public opinion on GUN RIGHTS. Obama, naturally, due to his more liberal democratic ties, induced a mass movement towards Concealed Carry over the last 8 years. Trump, on the other hand, is a more Conservative Republican, so naturally, both concealed carry permits and gun sales have begun to slump a bit. Both individuals, or parties, have a DRAMATIC effect on the gun industry as well as those who partake in that industry.

The most recent and serious movement, where gun rights are concerned, is to CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY. Not surprisingly, CHICAGO is leading the most recent charge towards CONCEALED CARRY. If you believe the two to be different, you’d be wrong, they are rather synonymous in fact. Think of the idea of a timeline, from CONCEALED CARRY to CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY. There should be no surprise to anyone familiar with CHICAGO’s ultra-tight restrictions on guns that things are changing rapidly to that particular gun topography. Lots of gun violence, generally due to poorly thought out standardization of law, equals lots of citizens wanting the ability to protect themselves. Both CONSTITUTIONAL and CONCEALED CARRY are necessary “rights of the people,” protected by the 2nd Amendment. CHICAGO has proven the people must take matters into their own hands if they want real protection from crime. So, what does this say about OHIO and its most recent move on gun rights?

This, On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, changes took effect to OHIO GUN LAW via the recently-passed Senate Bill 199. The laws that have been CHANGED or AMENDED cover several important areas for Concealed Carriers.



  • Prohibit a business entity, property owner, or public or private employer from banning a person who has been issued a valid CHL from transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition when the items are locked in a person’s privately-owned motor vehicle on company property.
  • Allow CHL-holders to keep their handgun locked in a motor vehicle on school premises.
  • Allow colleges and government bodies to decide for themselves if concealed-carry should be allowed.
  • Allow CHL-holders to carry on private aircraft, in the non-secure area of airports and in day-care centers (unless the day care posts a “no-guns” sign).
  • Allow active military members who have the same or greater training than that required to obtain a concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a concealed firearm as a license-holder to carry without a license.
  • Allows the sale of firearms to active duty military members without regard to their age. Current law prohibits those under 21 from purchasing a handgun.
  • Sub. Senate Bill 199 link:

Currently, in the US, there are 11 STATES that allow “CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY” without any sort of restriction. Those states are shown in dark green above.

In addition, 3 States allow limited “CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY.” Those states are shown in light green. By the end of 2017, that original number could nearly double with another 9 states following suite, which are shown in light blue.

That would make for nearly half of all the states moving to “CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY.” In short…, it looks as if the United States Citizenry is interested in covering its own security needs instead of leaving it up to the State and more so the Federal Government to secure their families’ welfare and safety.

Luckily for all us “GUN-TOTING, GOD-FEARING FOLKS,” this guy left the “BIG STICK” sitting right where he never picked it up, in the OVAL OFFICE, and someone else has decided to finally utilize it once again. That STICK is no longer a simple ornamental piece sitting in the corner of our greatest office, but instead, a TOOL, to be brandished. The President uses his stick against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. It is necessary for our society to begin to do the same. Concealed and Constitutional Carry allows us that right. The truth is that we are steadily progressing towards providing our own means to securing those we care for. Why has this movement started to pick up so much steam? The simple answer is…, everything. By everything, I am referring to burglaries, terrorism, illegals committing a serious crime, legals committing a serious crime, bad things, etc., etc., etc.… We all must be prepared. No one considers security until they must. You do not want to be that person. If you need to consider security in hindsight that means something bad has already happened. At that point, obviously, it is going to be too late. You don’t want to be the cautionary tale, you want to be the hero, not the victim.

Ohio is moving in the direction of Constitutional Carry as are most States in The Union, however, it will be some time before this happens, should it happen at all. For the time being, continue to pursue your gun rights with vigor. Get your HCL (Handgun Carry License) and carry daily. You never know when you’re going to need to defend yourself from a potential life threatening situation. Though we’d all like to believe in a UTOPIAN future, it’s simply not REALISTIC. Defend yourself and your family by whatever means necessary. Luckily, in the State of Ohio, the legislature and politicians have seen fit to equip us with one of our greatest rights, the right to carry a handgun. It is my opinion that if you are of age and a responsible individual you should certainly consider carrying.

I leave you with this quote from Abraham Lincoln which sums up this article nicely: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Simply put, BE PREPARED! In this State, you have the right, so make ready…

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