Trauma Aid Medical

The Trauma Aid Course is a one-day program that teaches students the fundamentals of emergency medical care with specific emphasis on the types of injuries that may be encountered while on the range, hunting, riding ATV’s or other adventure activities where emergency medical service may be delayed.


*There are no prerequisites for this course.

Trauma Aid Medical - Workman Firearms LLC
Trauma Aid Medical - Workman Firearms LLC

The course is designed to provide students who have no prior medical knowledge or training with the skills needed to identify and treat potentially life-threatening injuries in an austere environment until the arrival of paramedics.

The time to learn how to use your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is not when you or someone you love is seriously injured and in need of care.

Student's will have the opportunity to purchase and piece together their own Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

This will ensure the student knows not only what items are in his or her IFAK but also how to use every item in it. 

Average cost = $110-$130

Students will learn:

Immediate treatment of severe bleeding wounds
Stabilization of fractures and spinal injuries
Treatment of burn injuries
Tourniquet application
Use of specialized trauma dressings
Environmental injury care

*There are no prerequisites for this course.

Note: The Trauma Aid Course is informational only, and provides no formal certification.