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Basic Handgun
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Medical Training

8 Hour Trauma Medical
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includes Pediatrics

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Low Light/Barricades

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Concealed Carry Tactics

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Virtual shooting Range
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Range 42 Brunswick

Indoor Shooting Range
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Range 42 Norton

Indoor Shooting Range
Gun Shop

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Workman FirearmsExcellentWorkman Firearms5.0 Based on 545 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onJoshua JonesJoshua Jones ★★★★★ Emilee SchillEmilee Schill ★★★★★ Great learning experience. The teacher was very hands on and informative! Definitely recommend!Wulf775Wulf775 ★★★★★ Very informative. Instructor was very engaging.Cody EvansCody Evans ★★★★★ Great experience and instructors were very knowledgeableJ VJ V ★★★★★ Today 4/6/24 my wife Ashley and I travelled almost 2hrs for the Ohio CCW class. Adam and Craig were great. The class was extremely informative and the material delivered in an engaging manner which I appreciate more than I can express. They were honest and the information they shared beyond the class material shows they are truly invested for the betterment of people. This is rare these days. We made it back late this evening and in the morning we will be booking 2 additional classes. We hope we have the same instructors for those. We were asked to provide not just praise but also any feedback they could use to improve the program. This is hard to provide any flaws because I feel it was great. If I could give anything I am nitpicking. My wife and I discussed a lot on our trip home and I can only mention 2 things. The first I don’t know if you can do anything about as I respect the range is a business but it would be limiting the type of firearms others were shooting during the range instruction. The instructors were trying to teach and some guys were going heavy on shotguns and a desert eagle making it impossible to hear instructions. The second item would be to advise students to bring anti-fog safety glasses. This completely skipped my mind as a potential issue. My safety glasses fogged up and it was difficult to see at a point. I should have worn my eye glasses but I was under the impression they weren’t considered eye protection. That was my mistake. I highly recommend booking with Workman for this training.Jeremy CroninJeremy Cronin ★★★★★ Did the CFL training with Workman Firearms. The course was very pragmatic and professional, and equipped me with the important knowledge and practice necessary to safely carry and use a firearm.Giovanni IannelliGiovanni Iannelli ★★★★★ Very knowledgeable and helpful instructors. They take their time with each and every student and really walk you through the process and responsibilities of having a concealed carry permit.Ron HartRon Hart ★★★★★ Adam and Craig were excellent instructors, I had taken a course years ago and the knowledge and skills of these instructors was excellent and very well worth the time and money invested. I look forward to returning for additional advanced trainingPatrick Paya IIPatrick Paya II ★★★★★ Workman Firearms Training Group is professional and on point. They make the class very entertaining and cover in detail lots of different and important topics. Highly recommended. The offer CCW and so much more!Joseph IannelliJoseph Iannelli ★★★★★ great experience!ali shamkhiali shamkhi ★★★★★ Good classAmeer HikmatAmeer Hikmat ★★★★★ Best classTia RattaTia Ratta ★★★★★ Took ccw certification course instructed by Adam. I recommend it! I was originally referred by my partner and his friend. The instructors in class and in range were knowledgeable and willing to help. As a woman, I felt comfortable and properly educated. There were also 5 other women in our 14 count class. Continuous opportunities for training/education are encouraged in ccw course and the company offers plenty of extra courses which I’d like to come back to check out.Samantha FieldsSamantha Fields ★★★★★ The class was very informative and extremely fun. The instructor (Adam F.) was REALISTIC. He not only went over the actual rules and laws but how it actually applies in real world scenarios. This is actually my second time taking the class and both times I have nothing but great things to saySteve HyltonSteve Hylton ★★★★★ great place, good peopleJared YoungJared Young ★★★★★ Great CCW course. Very informational. Had a lot of fun.Carol MunkaCarol Munka ★★★★★ Great facility and staff! Highly recommend! My husband and I took the beginning class this morning. Learned all about the gun, how to load and shoot and then clean. Very thorough class and the staff is excellent. They are very patient!Lisa WittlerLisa Wittler ★★★★★ Duke, John, and Collin conducted a very thorough and educational Basic Handgun course. Highly recommend this class and the handgun cleaning class. Super Job Guys!Jenna BrownJenna Brown ★★★★★ I was so grateful that a friend told me about this rang and the CCW class. I did not hesitate to sign up. The instructor, Adam, was fantastic and kept my attention the whole time. Very knowledgeable. The other instructors during the range time were fantastic as well. They were so patient and taught me some other really key techniques and practices. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering here to get their CCW or just to practice to come!Alan AtkinsAlan Atkins ★★★★★ I’ve used the range here and taken their concealed carry class all very professional and worth the price.Brian BortzBrian Bortz ★★★★★ The instructor (Chris) did a fantastic job of instructing a wide variety of skill levels which is not easy to do! He was patient and professional and fun at the same time. Safety was #1 and constantly enforced! I am sending my wife to a class, I am positive that they can do a better job than I can. Also a wide variety of extra training is available which I/we will be attending. Could not recommend this group higher!Sean CannonSean Cannon ★★★★★ Great CCW class, I'll be back for. Ore trainingSherri OloyedeSherri Oloyede ★★★★★ CCW class was awesome! We learned a lot about concealed carry laws & basics of gun safety! Very Informative!Hammmer NNailsHammmer NNails ★★★★★ Just took class. The guys are Great. Very knowledgeable & down to earth. Highly recommend their training.Keith BertokKeith Bertok ★★★★★ Grant WebelGrant Webel ★★★★★ My wife and I took the Intro to Handguns course with Duke and loved it! Duke was skilled at communicating the importance of the information while still keeping the mood light. I went in knowing very little about how a gun actually works and how to handle one, and left feeling much more comfortable and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this class to anyone considering purchasing a handgun, or just wanting an intro in general!ruben martineZruben martineZ ★★★★★ Just finished up the CCW class with Scott. He is a fantastic instructor and easy to listen to. When we got out on the range he gave me a couple cues to correct my low left, off of that I knew what to do but he made it click with me in our time out there. Highly recommended Workman Firearm courses.John SousaJohn Sousa ★★★★★ Quincy PowersQuincy Powers ★★★★★ This is a great place to get your CCW!Thomas ParryThomas Parry ★★★★★ 1/13/24—Just completed the Basic Handgun course taught by Dale. Found the level of knowledge imparted through this class to be outstanding for someone like myself who’s never fired a handgun. Each of the associated instructors was very patient and student focused with their instruction and words of encouragement. I left feeling like I “knew what I was doing” with my gun and would very much recommend this training for those interested in gun safety and proper handling of handguns.Elaine lewisElaine lewis ★★★★★ My husband and I took the basic handgun class before purchasing a handgun. Duke was very knowledgeable and professional. He made us feel at ease firing a handgun for the first time and is very patient with everyone. I would definitely recommend the class.TJ D.TJ D. ★★★★★ Took the class this morning. I was a novice shooter and they were so patient. They took their time explaining everything to me and assisted me out on the range. I highly recommend taking this class to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a firearm.JennJenn ★★★★★ The owners are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. They truly listens to your wants and concerns. Their employees are always friendly and helpful.Genuinely an amazing family owned companyMorgan DreierMorgan Dreier ★★★★★ My husband and I did our CCW class together at Workman Firearms in Norton and we were blown away by the depth and attention to detail that was put into our class. Our instructor was Adam Fronsee who was very knowledgeable, charismatic, and engaging. It was so eye opening to learn about the legal consequences that may follow an incident and how you can best set yourself up to win the physical, mental, and legal fight for your life and those you love. I highly recommend this class for anyone wishing to concealed carry (or even own a gun at all)! It is absolutely worthwhile to go through the training despite it not being a state-mandated requirement to carry. The more you invest in your knowledge and training, the better prepared you will be to protect yourself and your family. Thanks, Workman Firearms!Whitney MasonWhitney Mason ★★★★★ Rating five stars ✨ Instructor Adam Fronsee was amazing!! && I definitely recommend you guys checking in on his ccw class !! Norton location!!Rick ClarkRick Clark ★★★★★ Awesome CCW Class. Buzz and John were excellent instructors. Highly recommended. 5-Stars!!!Kenneth RapiniKenneth Rapini ★★★★★ Got the education I was hoping for. Well worth itJonna RitchieJonna Ritchie ★★★★★ Great training pace. Strong instructors. AAA: Awesome All Around.Patrick RitchiePatrick Ritchie ★★★★★ James PersichittiJames Persichitti ★★★★★ I recently attended the 12/2/23 Basic Handgun class taught by Duke Evans after purchasing my first handgun. The class exceeded my expectations. Duke did an excellent job of discussing the "basics" of using/owning a handgun from safety, shooting, field dressing, etc.. I now feel more confident as a new handgun owner. Highly recommend for any new handgun owner or someone who may need a refresher course. Thank You Duke!Heather LewisHeather Lewis ★★★★★ My husband and I joined Workman Firearms’ CCW class and earned our competency certificates. Adam was an excellent instructor, I took so many notes, and I learned more than I ever imagined—both regarding weapon usage and legal rights/ restrictions. The course was all day but did not at all feel like a long course (I’ve taken 2-hour classes for other reasons that felt way longer than today’s 6-hour classroom + 2 hour range time). Adam was an excellent instructor; I look forward to our next classes with him. The facilities were satisfactory, and staff working were all friendly and helpful. This is only one of likely many excellent activities at Workman Firearms!Dr David BeckmanDr David Beckman ★★★★★ I enjoyed the class I took with my son Aaron!Adam is a well-versed instructor. I also appreciated the immeadiate feedback and range pointers Chris provided. My previous training was in 2012. I expected a boring repitition of facts that I already knew. This class surpassed that training by far. Will look forward to taking further classes.Aaron BeckmanAaron Beckman ★★★★★ Got my Concealed Carry Course here. Adam did a fantastic job I learned a lot. The course has a ton of useful information and they took the time to give one on one instruction to each instructee. Highly recommendFika Mabhajwa NyuswaFika Mabhajwa Nyuswa ★★★★★ Great company, Great investors, it's only when a company serves her investors with truthfulness and reliability that it may produce great investors. This awesome company has been making thousands of people millionaires every year according to the company's info. At first I doubted, but at a point I decided to give them a trial and here I am now sharing my testimony. You too can benefit from this same company from anywhere around the world, you only have to contact one of the company manager person like Mrs. Kirkland Tina to help you grow your investment capital within a week, Contact her via
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James FarrellJames Farrell ★★★★★ Just finished the ccw class and our instructor Adam was top notch. Adam does a great job of keeping the class engaged and is very knowledgeable, thank you Adam. My range instructor John was awesome as well, he was quick to point out my flaws and helped me keep my shots in the black. I will be signing up for the ccw tactics class next.Ahmad DarjamalAhmad Darjamal ★★★★★ Great people highly recommendStephanie BluffestoneStephanie Bluffestone ★★★★★ Classroom instruction was very well designed to answer all questions that might come up. Chris was able to answer questions that came up. He made sure that we all understood what was being taught. Chris took time with each person to make sure their grip, stance and sight was correct even before shooting. Highly recommend this classEric KitzmillerEric Kitzmiller ★★★★★ Gabriel WhelanGabriel Whelan ★★★★★ WOW! I can say many things, all positive except for one negative (by choice)! Recently completed the Ohio Concealed Carry Course at Range 42 in Norton. I retired from the Navy last year after 21 years of honorable service and have only fired a weapon...once in bootcamp one week prior to 11 September and last weekend. Was unsure and or scared for several years to purchase a firearm due to friends / acquaintances taking their lives with a weapon. However, after completing this class, learning the proper safe procedures and techniques on how to handle a fireman was amazing! CHRIS RUDY was the facilitator and deserves the highest recommendation and appreciation in his job performance! On a negative note but no fault but my own. I will spend more $$$ at the range often, take more classes/courses, etc. But all in all... no regrets, love it and looking forward to it! Thank you again CHRIS RUDY, the staff at Workman Firearms and Range 42. -Gabe WhelanNick KosturaNick Kostura ★★★★★ Miranda HuppMiranda Hupp ★★★★★ Highly recommend the Medical Trauma class! The instructor was down to earth and knowledgeable!Heather Davis MasonHeather Davis Mason ★★★★★ What a great class! My son and I had Scott and he was an awesome teacher! Highly recommend taking class here .Chrissy BernazzoliChrissy Bernazzoli ★★★★★ Buzz is a WONDERFUL instructor. He was incredibly animated which kept my interest the entire time. There is so much you can learn from his experience and knowledge. All of the other employees were very knowledgeable. Answering any questions with real life experiences and education. I grew up around firearms, and have shot before, yet I learned so much today about laws, handling, types, etc.

HIGHLY recommend their CCW class regardless of your background! There’s always something to learn or refresh.
Dave BarrettDave Barrett ★★★★★ I Just Took the CCW class at Range 42 with Workman Firearms today .
What a AWESOME CLASS !!!!!!!!!
I recommend this class to everyone . Tom Dillon was-my instructor . He is a fantastic teacher ,
Extremely knowledgeable and made the class fun .
It was a fast 8 hr day and I am so glad I took this class with them . I look forward to more classes with Workman Firearms .
I am not one to make reviews . But this is a great company and deserves it .
I am a veteran and a first responder and I was extremely impressed with their knowledge and experience’s .
Range instructors were also fantastic . They were very knowledgeable and patient and great teachers .
I Will never go anywhere ever again .

David Barrett
Ian JosephIan Joseph ★★★★★ Fantastic instructors, knowledgeable, friendly. Cannot recommend highly enough!Tony YuTony Yu ★★★★★ Great CHL and Trauma Medical classes. The instructors were qualified and experienced. Better yet... they made learning the material fun. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!Alexander R. WalkerAlexander R. Walker ★★★★★ Adam was a amazing instructor. He is safe, detailed and articulate. Definitely going to take more advanced courses at workman. Amazing staff. Felt comfortable with the one on one instructors for my CHL class. Over all to be honest best range experience I have ever had. Felt comfortable. I would highly recommend there CHL classes to anyone who wants to get one. Awesome prices for there range and classes. Felt as is I could trust any of them with my life. They care about your safety and theirs. In my experience this is one of the safest and polite ranges I have been to.Natalie TegovskiNatalie Tegovski ★★★★★ Buzz was very detailed and thorough during the teaching session. He (and everyone there) were extremely respectful and patient with the students. My trainer in the range was Cheryl, she made me feel SO comfortable and especially confident since she knew it was my first time. Definitely recommend anyone who is interested in taking a CCW class to take it though here!Mark HershbergerMark Hershberger ★★★★★ Went today with my son to the Norton location for our CCW class. The instructor BUZZ was great! Class was informative And well done. The range coach also really put the right instructions where we needed! Thank you!Kelly NicholsonKelly Nicholson ★★★★★ Buzz my instructor was phenomenal, took the time to go over the material and help the class get full information about gun safety/handling. My shooting instructor Harry, made me comfortable to shoot. By far the best line coach I’ve experienced!!!! Will come back for Harry and Harry only (maybe the desk girls too) THANK YOU BUZZ AND HARRYShannon CampbellShannon Campbell ★★★★★ Fantastic CCW class.

Our instructor, Tom, was excellent. It's a long class with a ton of information, but Tom kept the class engaged and focused.

My range coach, Dan, was also excellent. He gave me great instruction and feedback during my shooting section.

I will be signing up for other classes here after the great experience of this one.

Note for the CCW class: There is only a 30 minute lunch break (2-3) 5-min breaks throughout so make sure to pack a lunch because there isn't much readily available, and have a drink handy in the classroom 🙂
Stephanie ChiarielloStephanie Chiariello ★★★★★ The one-day CCW class was not only comprehensive, informative, and professional, our instructor Buzz Johnson was funny and engaging without ever losing his laser focus on safety first. The emphasis on safety follows from the classroom to the range time, where you get a 1:1 line instructor to coach you on stance, grip, etc. One other noteworthy aspect—our instructor addressed the unique challenges for concealed body carrying for women and offered some tips on finding resources. I would recommend this course not only to secure a CCW license but for anyone with a firearm who wants to know how to properly handle it.Steven CushmanSteven Cushman ★★★★★ Renee and I just went to range 42 and shot off 2 clips and we signed up for the family membership and our CCW instructor Tom Dillion was there. He gave me a some ideas why my majority of my shot went to left. Will try next time. Thanks Tom!!!
I would totally recommend this place and workman firearms for all your training needs
Lynda Rufener GallagherLynda Rufener Gallagher ★★★★★ Top notch CCW/CHL training.Nick Quella was our instructor and made 9 hour day fly by while being informative and entertaining. Looking forward to taking additional training from this team and highly recommend.Michele Ann CerminaroMichele Ann Cerminaro ★★★★★ Awesome class with Nick Quella! Very knowledgeable and made the day go so quickly. Love the one on one instruction. John was so helpful and really fixed my grip. I’ll be signing up for the Pistol Diagnostics to continue with my learning!Patricia CulinaPatricia Culina ★★★★★ The instructors are fantastic and make the class very interesting!Adam was great and my range coach was wonderful!Cole StupakCole Stupak ★★★★★ Absolutely amazing. Would recommend their service to anyone.Mary McDonaldMary McDonald ★★★★★ I took the CHL class yesterday and the class instructor Tom was very knowledgeable and my shooting instructor Adam was awesome and corrected my shooting when I needed it. I highly recommend going to take the class at this location.Erin YoderErin Yoder ★★★★★ Thank you so much for being patient with me and teaching me the proper stance and hold so I can defend myself and my family! I would highly recommend you to friends and family!Steve OrnotsteveSteve Ornotsteve ★★★★★ I took the CHL/CCW class from Chris Rudy this past Saturday. He's a really excellent instructor, personable & informative. The hours just flew by. Highly recommended.Edward J NicholsEdward J Nichols ★★★★★ Jason Soco was our classroom instructor today. He held a very interesting course with a lot of good information.
As a testament to how well he did, I am someone who can doze off 10 minutes into most anyone talking. I am proud to say I was alert and interested the entire class. I also was surprised how quick time passed.
Great job!
Adam was my range instructor and helped me to zero in on the target. Basically he was also a great instructor.
you can't go wrong with these instructors.
Christie Ann Kulig RodgersChristie Ann Kulig Rodgers ★★★★★ Loved this training - would definitely recommend attending. Trainers Nick and Cheryl were great. Left feeling very knowledgeable and comfortable with the material and guns. Nick was incredibly well informed and shared lots of stories that made the material more relatable.Sheila English GroomSheila English Groom ★★★★★ Just took the class today and I learned a lot! The guys are very informative and thorough. I needed a handgun class for dummies and I felt I got it kudos to Adam who was my line coach because I was a nervous wreck and scared shitless. Just recommended them to my parents and I want my girls to take their class also.Terry PolzinTerry Polzin ★★★★★ Good instructors, they keep you engaged in the class

Rated 5 stars by our students!

Rated best in Northeast Ohio.