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What Some of Our Students Say

Gretchen D.

- Medina, OH

I am a college professor with next to no gun experience whatsoever, yet Glen and his team made me feel comfortable and excited to learn. They worked with each of us individually on gun handling, stance, and actual shooting. This enabled them to handle all skill levels – helping those of us who needed it more while offering more advanced instruction for those with experience. The one-on-one instruction coupled with their real-world expertise was invaluable. Who better to learn basic pistol and CCW from than trained marines? Glen had a funny, practical delivery that made 10 hours of classroom instruction fly by. If you are going to take any firearms training course, take it from Glen and his team. They are true professionals.


Cathy G.

- Brecksville

I recently took the CCW class with Glen. Very professional, well run, and knowledgeable class. I learned so much in the classroom and range, that I left there feeling very confident about handling my firearm. My husband is especially grateful that I learned how to take apart my firearm, clean it, and put it back together, so I can do that from now on instead of him! I will most definitely recommend Glen's class to friends and family. Well worth the money spent! I plan to take some of the other classes offered this year with some friends! Thank you Glen!


Scott F.

- Parma Heights, OH

I would recommend this course to anyone reading this. Took the CCW class on Feb 28th, 2015 and Glen and his team were the most professional trainers you can find. The course they teach is above and beyond what a person needs to know to get there permit and so is their knowledge of proper gun safety. And it was an overall fun class to be in. I also checked out other classes before Workman Firearms but realized this was the best class for proper training. Thank you Glen and team for your high standards.


LoriMae R.

- Wooster

I highly recommend Workman's CCW course for everyone. After hearing other peoples horror stories of their classes, I feel very fortunate to have participated in this one.This was an outstanding class with real world information! Experienced or inexperienced in firearms, everyone walked out of the course with valuable information and hands on experience. The one-on-one range time was invaluable.

Alan R.

Just thought I'd let you know how much we enjoyed your class! You took what could have been an exercise in tedium and turned it into a highly informative and enlightening experience! My wife and son attended with me and they said the same things. The range instruction was probably the best I have ever received and I am retired military. We intend on taking more of your classes in the future! Thanks for the training!

Thomas H.

- Smithville

Had a great time today taking my CCW course in Norton . The instructor made the time fly by but were highly informative. They not only do a great time in the classroom but their form of teaching in the range was a eye opening for me on ways to improve my shooting and preparation for if I have to use my gun on someone
Thank u Workman Firearms

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