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Concealed Carry Class Locations!


Cleveland/Royalton CCW

Classroom, Ammunition Store, Virtual Range

R42 Norton

Akron/Norton CCW

Classroom, Gun Shop, Gun Range

R42 Brunswick

Medina/Brunswick CCW

Classroom, Gun Shop, Gun Range

CCW Classes only $75!

Buy 2 or more and pay only $69.00 per person! The coupon will appear at checkout.

Akron, Cleveland, North Royalton, Brunswick, Medina

Concealed Carry Classes

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Concealed Carry Classes

Cleveland - CCW / N. Royalton
Akron - CCW / Norton
Medina - CCW / Brunswick

Buzz Johnson

Basic Classes

Basic Handgun
Women's Only Handgun

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Advanced Pistol

Pistol Diagnostics
CCW Tactics
Pistol Red Dot

Trauma Medical 2

Medical Classes

Trauma Medical 


Virtual Range Classes

First time Gun Owner
Shooting Fundamentals
CCW Basics

Women's Self Defense

Combatives/Self Defense

Bare Knuckle Response
Sexual Assault Response
Edged Weapon Response
Shatter the Machine/Baton Course

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