Careers at Workman Firearms and Range 42

Join the Frontline of Firearms Excellence

At Workman Firearms and Range 42, we are seeking disciplined and committed individuals to join our premier training and retail facilities. Our mission is to provide safety and exceptional service, with opportunities that challenge and reward our team members.

Current Opportunities:

  • Retail Sales: Assist customers in selecting the right products, ensuring a knowledgeable and friendly shopping experience.
  • Certified Range Safety Officer: Manage the safety and operations of our ranges, creating a secure environment for all participants.
  • Certified NRA or USCCA Instructor: Deliver expert firearm safety and usage training, enhancing client skills with professionalism and confidence.

Why Join Us:

  • Essential Knowledge Required: A profound understanding of gun safety and firearms is mandatory.
  • Experience in Retail: Previous retail experience is beneficial.
  • Willingness to Train: All team members must commit to our comprehensive training to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Certification: Range Safety Officer certification is a plus but not required. We value a willingness to learn and adapt.

Training Division:

Elevate Your Expertise. Lead With Authority.

We need skilled professionals passionate about education and leadership:

  • Firearms Instructors: Deep knowledge of firearms, skilled in various shooting techniques.
  • Medical Instructors: Experienced in teaching from basic first aid to advanced trauma care, readying clients for any situation.

Join Our Team and Command Excellence.

Apply Now:

If you are ready to take command and believe you would be an excellent fit for our disciplined and dedicated team, please send your resume and a brief explanation of why you are ideal for the role to:


We are eager to see how you can contribute to our ongoing mission of safety and excellence. Every role is crucial, and every detail counts.

Join the Ranks: Where Discipline Meets Service and Every Detail Counts.