Medina CCW Class


Buy 2 or more and pay only $69.00 per person!

Join our top-rated one-day Medina CCW Class to gain essential knowledge, skills, and personalized instruction for obtaining your Ohio Concealed Carry License. Enroll now and enjoy special pricing for groups!


Range 42 Brunswick
2323 Pearl Rd
Medina, Ohio 44256

Class Time(s):
Saturday & Sunday Classes: 8am – 4:30pm (2023)

Starting in 2024 Class times will be 9am – 5:30pm

Note: If you select the Weapon/Ammunition add-on, it will be waiting for you the day of class.

Additional discounted CCW seats!

Buy one CCW Class at regular price get a second for only $63, each additional after that is only $69

Weapon Add-On

This will cover the ammunition for your firearm rental

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Get Your Ohio Concealed Carry License with the Premier Medina CCW Class

Looking to secure your Ohio Concealed Carry License? Our top-rated CCW Medina/Brunswick class offers a comprehensive one-day course that covers the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for safe pistol ownership and use. With 6 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of range time, you’ll learn to shoot both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Expert Instruction and Personalized Attention in Medina’s Best CCW Class

Our CCW Medina/Brunswick course covers crucial topics such as safe gun handling rules, pistol parts and their functions, ammunition, shooting basics, and range rules. You’ll benefit from one-on-one shooting instruction, ensuring individualized attention to address any questions or weaknesses in your shooting technique.

Hassle-Free Experience with All Essentials Provided

No need to worry about bringing your own gun—we’ll provide one for free if needed. Arrive a few minutes early to sign in, bring 50 rounds of ammunition, and pack a lunch or choose from nearby restaurants. We also supply eye and ear protection for your convenience. Register now and become a responsible concealed carry licensee in Medina.

What to Bring to Your CCW Medina/Brunswick Class

  • Serviceable Handgun (can be provided)
  • 50 Rounds of Ammunition (minimum) (25 rounds due to ammunition costs)
  • Ear and Eye Protection (can be provided)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Lunch and snacks

Don’t wait! Enroll in our top-rated Medina CCW class today and take the first step towards obtaining your Ohio concealed carry license with confidence.

Recommended Gear We Use:

Workman Training Group: No Refund Policy and Rescheduling Procedures

Refund Policy: No Refunds

Please note that Workman Training Group maintains a strict NO REFUNDS policy. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and we are happy to accommodate rescheduling requests.

Rescheduling Your Class

If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, we will gladly reschedule it for you. We kindly request that you cancel at least 48 hours before your class start time. In the event of a cancellation, we offer one reschedule opportunity per participant. NO REFUNDS

Cancellation Policy

Workman Training Group reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment, inclement weather, or any other unforeseen circumstances. If a class is cancelled, students will be notified via email, and options for rescheduling or obtaining a refund will be provided.

Please ensure that you provide a valid email address during registration to receive timely updates regarding class cancellations or other important information.

Workman Training Group Certificate Replacement Policy

Obtain a Replacement for Lost or Misplaced Certificates

If you happen to lose or misplace your certificate, don’t worry! Simply call or email us for a replacement, following the guidelines outlined below:

Steps to Receive Your Replacement Certificate

  1. Make an appointment: You will be required to make an appointment to pick up your replacement certificate in person.
  2. Present proper ID: At the time of your appointment, you must present a valid ID that matches our records. If your ID does not match due to a name change, please provide appropriate documentation to confirm the change.
  3. Certificate availability: Replacement certificates are available for up to 3 years from the date you took your class.
  4. Replacement fee: There is a $10.00 fee for each certificate replacement.
  5. Processing time: Please allow at least 3-7 days to process your certificate replacement request.

Important Note for Urgent Requests

Please be aware that it may not be possible to accommodate urgent requests for same-day or next-day certificate replacements. Plan accordingly and allow sufficient time for processing and obtaining your replacement certificate.



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