Pistol Red Dot

Class Time(s): 5 pm – 9 pm
Note: If you select the Ammunition add-on it will be waiting for you on the day of class. 

Join our 4-hour Pistol Red Dot class to learn the fundamentals of using red dot sights on your pistol, improving your shooting accuracy at various distances, and maintaining optimal performance.

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Pistol Red Dot: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Red Dot Sight

The Pistol Red Dot class is specifically designed for those interested in learning the basics of using a red dot sight on their pistol. In this four-hour course, you’ll receive in-depth instruction on the advantages and effective use of red dot sights for shooting at different distances. With a small class size limited to 14 students, you’ll benefit from personalized attention and training to ensure a thorough understanding of the equipment and techniques.

Boost Your Shooting Accuracy with Red Dot Sight Training

Discover the benefits of using a red dot sight on your pistol and learn how to maintain your firearm’s performance. This comprehensive course covers:

  • Benefits of red dot sights
  • Effective use of red dot sights for various shooting distances
  • Proper maintenance for optimal pistol performance

Personalized Attention in a Small Class Setting

Our Pistol Red Dot class is limited to 14 students, ensuring you receive the personalized training and attention you need to develop your skills and confidence in using a red dot sight.

Don’t wait to elevate your shooting accuracy and precision. Enroll in the Pistol Red Dot class today and unlock the full potential of your red dot sight-equipped pistol.

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