Best Concealed Carry Belts 2023

Concealed Carry Belts
Concealed Carry Belts

Best Concealed Carry Belts

Nearly 40% of concealed carry permit holders admit that finding the right belt can be as challenging as selecting the perfect firearm. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to cut through the noise and bring you the best concealed carry belts of 2023.

We’ve put top contenders to the test, ensuring they meet our high standards for support, comfort, and stealth. Our favorites range from the sleek adaptability of the Kore Essentials with its ratchet system to the timeless strength of Hanks Belts.

We’re here to guide you through options that won’t let you—or your pants—down when it matters most. Let’s explore the belts that stand out this year, providing the secure foundation every concealed carrier needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Kore Essentials and KLIKBelts offer infinite adjustability with their hidden track system and precise quarter-inch track.
  • Hanks Belts excel at providing support and durability with their full-grain leather and reinforced stitching.
  • Bigfoot Belts are crafted with English Bridle leather, have a wide belt design, and feature the convenient Cobra buckle system.
  • CrossBreed Gun Belt offers top-grain leather, recessed stitching, and rigidity for a reliable and secure concealed carry experience.

Here is a comparison table for the best concealed carry belts of 2023, with links to each company:

BrandMaterial & Design FeaturesUnique Selling PointsLink
Kore EssentialsHidden track system for adjustability, nylon tactical versions, low-profile X buckleInfinite adjustability, suitable for various firearms and activitiesKore Essentials
Hanks BeltsFull-grain leather, reinforced stitchingDurability and resistance to sagging under the weight of a holstered pistolHanks Belts
Bigfoot BeltsEnglish Bridle leather, 1.75 inches wide, Cobra buckle systemStrong and aesthetic, with a heavy-duty design and quick-release buckleBigfoot Belts
CrossBreed Gun BeltTop-grain leather, recessed stitching, supportive designDurable, stretch-free, customizable belt buckle for personalizationCrossBreed Gun Belt
KLIKBeltsHigh-strength materials, patented Cobra buckle systemEase of use, durability, and comfort make it ideal for daily wear and quick firearm accessKLIKBelts
Relentless TacticalHigh-quality leather, solid construction, lifetime warrantyCraftsmanship, durability, and design are suitable for various concealed carry holstersRelentless Tactical

Kore Essentials Review

We’ve examined Kore Essentials’ range of concealed carry belts and found that their innovative hidden track system offers unparalleled adjustability and comfort for everyday wear.

Kore Essentials belts stand out with their quarter-inch hidden track, providing infinite adjustability. This feature ensures a precise, custom fit that adapts to various body shapes and carrying needs throughout the day.

The nylon tactical versions are robust, supporting up to 6 pounds, and suitable for different firearms and activities.

Moreover, the X buckle enhances the best concealed carry belt experience with its low-profile design, perfect for those who prefer appendix carry holsters. It contributes to a tactical look while remaining discreet.

In our assessment, Kore gun belts deliver on their promise of versatile, reliable support for concealed carry.

Hanks Belts Assessment

Our assessment of Hanks Belts reveals that their concealed carry options excel in providing the necessary support and durability for everyday carry. Crafted with quality materials, each belt boasts full-grain leather known for its robustness. The thick leather ensures that the belt doesn’t sag under the weight of a holstered pistol, a critical factor for any concealed carry belt.

In examining these belts, we’ve noted that the reinforced stitching contributes significantly to their overall strength and longevity. This meticulous attention to detail affirms the brand’s commitment to reliability.

The blend of stretch and stiffness in Hanks Belts strikes an ideal balance, facilitating comfort without compromising on functionality, which is pivotal for those who carry daily.

Bigfoot Belts Evaluation

In evaluating Bigfoot Belts, we’ve found their English Bridle leather construction and robust Cobra buckle system to be exceptional for concealed carry support.

The Bigfoot Tactical Riggers Belt, at 1.75 inches wide, offers ample space for belt loops, ensuring that a bigfoot gun holster sits securely against the body. The heavy-duty nature of the belt is evident in both the outer belt, which displays a high level of craftsmanship, and the inner belt, which is designed for stability and ease of use.

The combination of durability and function makes it a standout choice for everyday carry. Users can trust the rigidness to support their firearms without sagging, while the quick-release Cobra buckle provides convenience without compromising on security.

CrossBreed Gun Belt

Every CrossBreed gun belt we’ve tested offers robust construction with top-grain leather and recessed stitching, ensuring durability and a stretch-free experience for the wearer. These belts are clearly designed with the concealed carrier in mind, balancing comfort and functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at the CrossBreed gun belt features:

  1. Top Grain Leather: Premium quality leather ensures a long-lasting and stylish leather gun belt.
  2. Recessed Stitching: This technique enhances durability, protecting the thread from abrasion and wear.
  3. Supportive Design: Adequate rigidity to hold holster clips firmly without sagging, yet flexible enough for daily comfort.
  4. Customizable Belt Buckle: Users can choose their preferred style of belt buckle for a personalized touch.

Each feature contributes to a reliable and secure concealed carry-belt experience.

KLIKBelts Performance Analysis

We’ve examined the robust features of CrossBreed gun belts, and now let’s delve into the performance of KLIKBelts, renowned for their patented Cobra buckle system.

Our Klikbelts performance analysis has revealed that their tactical belt design is both innovative and practical. The quick-release buckle is a standout feature, offering unparalleled ease of use without compromising security.

Crafted with high-strength materials, these cobra buckle belts are strong enough to support a concealed carry firearm and additional gear without sagging or twisting.

Each KLIKBelts product we’ve reviewed maintains a balance between durability and comfort, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of daily wear while facilitating swift access to your firearm, which is essential for responsible concealed carry.

Relentless Tactical Comparison

Shifting our focus to Relentless Tactical, we find that each belt in their lineup provides exceptional support for concealed carry without sacrificing comfort. Here’s a detailed comparison:

  1. Material: Relentless Tactical belts are crafted from high-quality leather, ensuring both durability and a refined appearance that suits various settings.
  2. Design: The belts are thoughtfully designed to work seamlessly with a range of concealed carry holsters, providing reliable weapon security.
  3. Construction: With a focus on strength, these belts boast a solid construction that resists stretching and deformation, which is crucial for a dependable gun belt for concealed carry.
  4. Warranty: Standing by their craftsmanship, Relentless Tactical offers a lifetime warranty, underscoring their confidence in their product’s performance and longevity.

In our assessment, Relentless Tactical Belts truly cater to the daily demands of concealed carry.

Concealed Carry Belts Conclusion

After extensive testing and comparison, we’ve concluded that the concealed carry belts of 2023 offer remarkable options for every preference.

Kore Essentials impresses with its adjustable track system, while Hanks Belts champion durability.

Bigfoot Belts provide a balance of strength and aesthetics.

CrossBreed delivers versatility, KLIKBelts guarantees a secure fit with its Cobra buckle, and Relentless Tactical stands out for handcrafted quality.

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect belt to support your carry needs this year.

Here’s our ranking of the best concealed carry belts of 2023:

  1. Kore Essentials: tops the list for its innovative hidden track system, offering infinite adjustability and comfort. Its ability to adapt to various body shapes and carrying needs throughout the day sets it apart.
  2. Hanks Belts: Strong second for their use of full-grain leather and reinforced stitching, providing exceptional durability and resistance to sagging, which is crucial for concealed carry.
  3. CrossBreed Gun Belt: Ranks third with its premium top-grain leather and recessed stitching. It strikes a balance between durability and comfort, making it versatile for daily use.
  4. Bigfoot Belts: Comes in fourth with its robust English Bridle leather and the convenience of the Cobra buckle system, offering a blend of strength and quick accessibility.
  5. KLIKBelts: Known for their patented Cobra buckle system, these belts offer a combination of strength and ease of use, making them a solid choice for everyday carry.
  6. Relentless Tactical: Although last on the list, these belts are notable for their high-quality leather and solid construction, backed by a lifetime warranty. They provide reliable support and a refined appearance suitable for various settings.

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