Basic Training Classes


Akron/Norton – 9:30am – 11:30am
Medina/Brunswick – 9am – 11am until March 27th
Medina/Brunswick – 10:30am – 12:30am Starting April 10th


Weapon Add On

Due to the increased cost of Ammunition we now have to charge if you’re using our Weapons and Ammunition.

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Intro to Basic Handgun – 2 hr

The class will provide students a solid foundation in the Understanding, Safe Handling, and Manipulation of a Pistol.
This course is designed around the needs of:
Novice or First Time Shooters
New CCW Licensees
CCW Licensees who want to be more confident carrying.
Individuals who haven’t shot in a while and want a refresher course.
Students are encouraged to take notes during the classroom portion of the class.
Following the classroom will be an opportunity to take what they have learned and apply it during the live fire portion of the class.

Rifle Zero Clinic – 4hr

This clinic is designed to give shooters the knowledge needed to quickly and efficiently zero their AR-style rifles. In today’s market ammunition is expensive. Let us show you how to streamline the process of zeroing both iron sights and red dot optics.

Intro to AR Rifle Clinic – 4hr

Introduction to AR Rifle Clinic is meant for those who have recently purchased an AR-style (MSR) rifle. In this class, we will discuss safety, nomenclature, equipment setup and some basic drills to get you comfortable with the rifle. Don’t own an AR15, no problem. *Register early to reserve and rent one of our loaner rifles.


Feb 27, 2021 – intro to Basic Handgun(Brunswick), Mar 7, 2021 – Women's Only Basic Handgun(Brunswick), Mar 13, 2021 – intro to Basic Handgun(Brunswick), Mar 27, 2021 – Intro to Basic Handgun(Brunswick), Apr 3, 2021 – Basic Handgun(Norton), April 10, 2021 – Basic Handgun(Brunswick), Apr 17, 2021 – Basic Handgun(Norton), April 24, 2021 – Basic Handgun(Brunswick)

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