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Bare Knuckle Response
Sexual Assault Response
Alumni/ Refresher Class
Edged Weapon Response
Rape Response
The Shatter Machine/ Baton Course

Location: Range 42 Brunswick

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Bare Knuckle Response: a hand-to-hand, close-quarters combat curriculum designed to teach students to fight up close. Using the tools of the body ideal for close engagement, students will learn striking and grappling tactics to afford their escape.

Sexual Assault Response: a women-only close-quarters course tailored toward the grappling-oriented attack of sexual assault. The class will familiarize them with the most effective tools for the uncomfortably close engagement alongside mental tactics to prepare them to deal with such a stressful situation should it arise.


 Alumni/ Refresher Class: every other Friday night, students will be able to come and review material they learned in any seminar for 2 hours. There will be no formal instruction, rather, a chance to brush up and refine skills. If only for a short workout, to get answers to questions, or just be reminded of that one technique or concept they forgot, the refresher class is the perfect time to do it.

 Edged Weapon Response: when attacked with a knife, it is inevitable that you will get cut. In this light, the ultimate aim of Edge Weapon Response course is designed to minimize how much damage you sustain while inflicting enough damage on to your attacker to escape. Using the foundational skills learned in any of the beginning courses, students will be shown how to adapt their abilities to dealing with a bladed attack. As student’s skills progress, they will be shown striking and grappling responses as well as basic bladed counter-measures of their own.

 Rape Response: a class specifically for women to combat the gruesome act of rape. Students will learn the anatomy of this attack and how to counter it under its stressful conditions. Instruction will take place on the ground and because of the intense context of the material, it will be required that participants take one of the foundational courses and at least 2 refresher courses. This is so that all parties involved (the student and instructor) will have the level of trust required for everyone to be as comfortable as possible while learning how to navigate an uncomfortable learning situation. Strong trust is of the utmost importance here for both to effectively learn the information needed to survive such a horrific event.

The Shatter Machine/ Baton Course: Bullets penetrate. Knives cut. Batons crush. A course designed to provide students with a non-lethal alternative to armed-self defense, The Shatter Machine transforms the simple, collapsible baton into a rapid-fire, bone-shattering instrument. A close-quarter impact tool, the baton and its usage in both its forms (collapsed and deployed) will be discussed and taught to students along with body-positioning to keep themselves while effectively protecting themselves. Proper manipulation of the baton and its structure, paired with coverage of effective anatomical striking, make for a course that empowers its practitioners in how to quickly disable a threat while leaving them alive. The most violent of intentions doesn’t matter if the body that would use them is




February 26th – Open Mat – All Skill Sets(N. Royalton), February 27th – Sexual Assault Defense(R42Brunswick), February 27th – Baton "Shatter the Machine" Class(R42Brunswick)

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